Fuck It

In a person’s progress, in all forms of growth, there is a level of perseverance one must have. Sometimes you need to say “fuck it” and move forward. Learning to keep going is the biggest key to success. Never quit on something that is going to help you. Never quit on your dreams. Failing is […]

And I Said

and I said to myselfI’ll never get trapped inside againI’ll never be stuck like that againso as I slowly began to sort myself outa new person was bornand no he’s not perfectbut this is a person I’m proud ofa version of myself that I’ve never seen beforea version that can lead the way for others […]

Shop Stuff

So for some time now I’ve been working on an online store that features some of my artwork and poems. I messed around with various outlets to do that but it’s been tough and costly. I then decided to look for a site that let’s me do all the design work but take away the […]

There is a line…

There is a line we all stand onWe all walk it day after dayWe do what they askWe follow the distractions systematically We think we’re growing But as long as we stay on that lineGrowth is minimal to nothing How many people in this worldNever pursue or even know about what they are good at Seasons […]

From Surviving

There is no merit in objectsI hope you need not such thingsWith nothing but survivalThe birds still singThere is a different joy in learning to liveSuch happiness comes not from a single material thingHold still this sunshine Hold still this smileMay it be frozen upon my faceThe nightmares of old still trail behindWatchingWaiting for me […]